Use Roses to Glow Your Skin

Don’t you just love roses? Every garden I have ever planted has had several varieties of roses. My favorites are the ever-blooming and repeat-blooming varieties. The key to growing roses easily and well is to choose roses that are right for your climate. They’re adaptable—roses live in hot and cold climates. Some can even tolerate the salty air near the seashore. Many of the old roses, like wild roses & dog roses provide the most amazing scents of any roses. They also have the most medicinal properties. Besides looking and smelling incredible, roses are amazing medicine. The tips contain as much as 50 times the amount of vitamin C that is contained in an equivalent weight of an orange. Dr. Donna collects rose tips every fall. She dries them, grinds them, and gives them to her dogs, since dogs benefit from a little extra vitamin C in their diet. Roses are extremely gentle when used in skin care products.

Rosewater Skin Cleanser

Purchase rosewater in a grocery store, natural foods store, or pharmacy. It’s used in Middle Eastern cooking and in pastries. It has a perfect pH for keeping skin healthy, and it’s gentle and soothing. Rosewater makes skin care products smell amazing, too! Glycerin is obtained from pharmacies or natural food stores. It’s excellent for skin care and for making herbal medicines for children. This recipe is my favorite face cleanser—it’s very gentle and smells expensive. It’s the next best thing to awakening in a garden.


  • 1 cup rosewater
  • 1/2 cup vegetable glycerin


Gently heat rosewater and glycerin in a saucepan until very hot but not yet simmering. Pour into a sterilized bottle with a narrow neck. Let cool. Apply cork or lid. Use as an extra gentle skin cleaner for all types of skin. Rinse face after using. Make up a large batch and pour into fancy bottles with a decorative bow for gifts that are joyfully received!

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