It can be defined as pain in head. It can be due to

  • Stress
  • Over thinking
  • Workload
  • Eye sight problem
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Nutritional deficiencies etc

It can be easily treated by any of the pain killer but that pain killer becomes a habit of that person. That’s why a person gets addicted and thus then it causes no more effect moreover it causes side effects or adverse effects which are dangerous and even life threating .

So we should use the simple easy home based remedies to avoid or relief headache. Moreover we should get proper sleep and take proper rest. This rest and sleep will avoid the headache. Moreover if it’s paining hard we should take a cup of tea or coffee. Depending upon suitability we should take tea. If we add garlic to tea we can get a peaceful and quick relief from the pain.

Garlic is the best remedy for headache. It is the most conventional therapy for the headache. Just give it a try and you will get the best n quick relief without any harmful side effect if you put garlic in proper quantity.  Our elders always says

“Lehsan ka karha do dekhna foran aram aaye ga “

They are not wrong. These conventional therapies’ are best for quick relief without side effects. These are efficacious because they contain some natural constituents which are required in the body in adequate amount. When we use them as remedy we get quick relief so make a belief and use garlic in tea for your headache relief instead of painkillers like aspirin and panadol.

You will absolutely get quick relief as well as chances of side effects are less too. So you can get better result to staying at home.

Thanks for your time. Stay tuned for more. If you want me to write on your problem just mention your problem in comments. Will surely pay attention to it and write for your problems.