Benefits of Kalwanji

Kalwanji is the black seed of small size which is very effective for several problems. Like kalwanji is the best remedy for flu. When we use its extract it gives relief from flu. Moreover it doesn’t cause dryness. It also treats dryness of skin. It is good for skin diseases. We can use it as a perfect remedy for toothache too. Gargles are prepared for treating toothache with it.

  • If you are suffering from congestion you can use kalwanji seeds as a remedy for it. It also cures itchy skin. Anti-itching creams are made of it.
  • It is the commonly used constituent of pickles due to its carminative activity. It is carminative as well as condiment. Mostly used in pickles as well as in dishes.
  • We use it in the form of seeds as it is. Or we can use its extracts too. Aural problems are solved by it.
  • It is also useful in sexual dysfunction.  Some people also use it for weight loss. Some people use it as antioxidant or anti-aging. It decreases oxidation of free radicals thus anti-aging effect is observed. Production of new blood cells takes place due to use of kalwanji.
  • It is used as anti-flatulent. After meals it is taken to modulate digestion. It is also used to increase the growth of the hair. It is used to treat baldness. Moreover it regulates the cholesterol level of the body. So is effective in heart disease. It is said that

Kalwanji can treat every disease except death. So it is a better decision to use it regularly. Its seeds are taken as it is. We can use its oil too. Its extract is also useful. Keep using it for your good health. Stay tuned for more. Thanks for your time.